Discover who you truly are as a leader.


    Being true to yourself is where personnal leadership starts. Discover who you are not, remember who you are, be aligned to your true nature!


    Coherence does not refer only to being clear, or simply making sense. It means to be heart-centered, feeling aligned, calm and following one’s vision. Being coherent is at the core of Higher Performance Leadership.


    Being true enhances coherence, which in turn connects you to your higher identity. And once the connection is established and maintained, your leadership feels natural.

A Five to Seven Week Hands-on Experience

  • Allows for ample note taking using your downloadable workbook.

  • Eight instructional videos guide you throughout the process.

  • Weekly exercises help you integrate.

  • Discussion board enables interactions with the instructor.

What Participants Are Saying

Jennifer Flynn, CTACC, Business and Lifestyle Strategist, Montrose, CO, USA

So much wisdom, but the best part is there is a clear path to integrating that wisdom.

Jennifer Flynn, CTACC, Business and Lifestyle Strategist, Montrose, CO, USA

This program was so powerful for me! So much wisdom, but the best part is there is a clear path to integrating that wisdom. To hear things is not to know them. We must USE them, and this program brought not only new insights, but also things I had heard in the past but were not being used back to ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. This will have a tremendous impact on both my personal life and business and will help me connect with my clients on a whole new level of mentorship and support. Thank you Luc and Nuco International for an amazing experience.
Philippe Vignon, Former CEO , Geneva Tourism and Conventions

Straight to the point, hands-on course with great added value!

Philippe Vignon, Former CEO , Geneva Tourism and Conventions

Soft skills play an increasingly important role in our capacity to manage our lives, both personally and professionally. Luc provides the necessary insights from the latest research in neurosciences to support us understanding how human beings function. He also gives concrete tools that help dive into the experience and start improving our self leadership. I come out of this course equipped with new tools and the positive perception that I can "surf" on the wave of life, remaining centered, with more energy to manage my life and my interactions with others.
Francine Dubuc, T.S., PCC, president, Dubuc & Associées


Francine Dubuc, T.S., PCC, president, Dubuc & Associées

Luc doesn't just teach about stress and its negative impact on our abilities to access our full potential, he also brings a new light on leadership. He doesn't only share his knowledge but he embodies this knowledge. From his tone of voice, I hear the intelligence of the heart.
Sarah Biggs, musician


Sarah Biggs, musician

This course is an excellent path through self examination towards personal authenticity. This, I discovered is where my real personal power lies. Thank you Luc Cardinal for your wonderful guidance on this great journey!
Luc Cardinal

Great Program!

Luc Cardinal

This is by far the best online leadership training out there! Simple yet insightful, it gives you fundamental knowledge and tools to connect to your natural leadership! OK, it is my program, but I like to blow my own horn!


Luc Cardinal

International speaker & neuro-coach

Luc Cardinal

Clients hire Luc in order to take advantage of recent neurosciences discoveries in business, evolving their leadership, communications and well-being. He helps transform business cultures, rekindle Vision-Mission-Values, and in many other ways, get full potential actualized in top teams. Learn what stress and lack of presence costs and how you can quickly get more results using less energy. Harness the joy of living and working in alignment with your purpose. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and experience why thousands of people rave about Luc’s neuroscience applied to business approach. Today’s business world faces enormous challenges. Top leaders will rise to the challenge, given they experience a deep level of personal and organizational purpose and coherence.

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