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Philippe Vignon

Straight to the point, hands-on course with great added value

Soft skills play an increasingly important role in our capacity to manage our lives, both personally and professionally. Luc provides the necessary insights from the latest research in neurosciences to support us understanding how human beings fun...

Luc Cardinal

Great program!

This is by far the best online leadership training out there! Simple yet insightful, it gives you fundamental knowledge and tools to connect to your natural leadership! OK, it is my program, but I like to blow my own horn!


Our intention is to provide you with recent neurosciences research findings, anecdotal information gathered in thousands of hours of training and coaching, insights, and real-life stories showing that the single most obstacle to being free, experiencing living at your full potential, being the leader you truly are, is believing you are who you have come to think you are. Stop. Read it again! 

This set of beliefs is nothing more than information based on feedback from your environment, as you were growing up; feedback from the outside! It is no doubt in you, a part of your personality. Yet, you are not your personality, or your ego (The same thing). Your personality is simply a set of conditionings that allowed you to make it through childhood in relative good health. The way you think, feel and behave is largely given by your perception of reality. Your perception is framed by your set of conditionings. 

So who are you? What is reality? What is possible for you? Can recent studies shine a light on how one can overcome obstacles by simply realizing the truth? Obstacles are merely a figment of your imagination! 

We intend to give you the knowledge and the tools so you can shift your sense of self towards the one who was there in the first place. The one you already where, before you adopted behaviors that would have you survive, behaviors that would have you get an extra cookie, or one less slap in the back of the head. Shifting your sense of self towards the one who was there before your personality was constructed means opening up to yourself as a human being, as opposed to a human doing. 

We intend to open the door wide to the possibilities that naturally arise once you realize, at your core, you are not your personality, freeing yourself, in time, with automatic behaviors and built obstacles. 

We intend to share with you what we have learned and experienced first-hand so you can be free to be who you truly are, and connect to the true, coherent natural leader you are!

Luc Cardinal
Luc Cardinal
International speaker & neuro-coach

About the instructor

Founder of Nüco, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Business NeuroCoach, Luc  focuses his work on Human Beings... as opposed to Human Doings. He helps his clients, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and directors, reach their objectives while improving pleasure at work. Luc helps his clients achieve more using The Zone for Higher Performance™ a neuroscience model applied to business.

Luc uses a practical method to facilitate the use of human intelligence, and restore healthy and efficient communications at all levels of the business. His conferences and workshops, followed by individual coaching and regular plenaries, enable the integration of a communication style that allows participants to fully express their true leadership. The result is important emotional savings, focused energies targeted at goals and leaders moving from group to team.

Luc brings knowledge of neurophysiology of stress and calm states along with an essential perspective on power, motivation and negotiation. With over 25 years of experience as a consultant and thousands of coaching sessions, he uses precise protocols, a large selection of powerful tools, and he obtains measurable results.

His professional training includes, among others, NeuroCoaching with Guy Hauray, Ph.D., OAD analysis (personality traits and motivational needs), Consulting and Coaching, the use of psychometric tools with MRG (Management Research Group), creativity in business with Edward de Bono and leadership with Dr Stephen Covey.

He also created, back in 1989, Quebec’s MICA Management Resources (, a North American leader in management development. Before consulting, Luc experienced different management roles, including general management, sales management and marketing.

Clients hire Luc for leadership development, strategic planning or finding solutions to tense relationship situations. He helps transform business cultures, rekindle Vision-Mission-Values, and in many other ways, get full potential actualized in top teams.

Today’s business world faces enormous challenges. Top leaders will rise to the challenge, given they experience a deep level of personal and organizational purpose.

This is what the Zone for Higher Performance™ is about!

So who are you? What is reality? What is possible for you? Can recent studies shine a light on how one can overcome obstacles by simply realizing the truth? Obstacles are merely a figment of your imagination! Be the leader you truly are!

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